Member Rates & Options


  • 7-day advanced booking privileges on indoor & outdoor courts
  • Membership includes access to our fitness centre 
  • World-class indoor tennis courts utilizing the best in tennis court & lightning technology;
  • Member pricing on programs, lessons/clinics and indoor court rentals;
  • Access to industry-leading adult & junior programming for players of all ages & abilities;
  • Online & phone-in court booking available;
  • Advanced registration on camps & club programs;
  • Access to some of Canada‚Äôs top tennis professional coaches;
  • Access to club tennis leagues, social events and tournaments;
  • Relaxed atmosphere, family/community-focused environment;
  • Access to our member services portal & newsletter;
  • Fully wheelchair-accessible facility.


We are pleased to provide several membership categories to meet your needs.

Our membership structure is based on an annual fee + court fees (listed below). As a member you have the option to pay your annual membership fee in one lump sum, or in 12 equal monthly instalments. Summer Memberships are paid in lump sums and can be prorated. Please click here for a copy of our Member & Guest Rules.

Membership Category Annual Membership Rate Your Monthly Payment Option
(12x - Monthly Rate)
Summer Membership
(June 1 - Aug 31)
Adult Membership $840 + GST $70 + GST$330 + GST
Senior Membership (65+ years) $540 + GST $45 + GST$230 + GST
Couple Membership (2 adults same residence) $1,512 + GST $126 + GST$530 + GST
Junior Membership (Under 18 years) $420+ GST $35 + GST$180 + GST
Family Membership (2 adults + 2 or more children) $2,268 + GST $189 + GST$580 + GST
Snow-Bird Membership (April 15 - October 15)N/A$55 + GSTN/A
Young Adult Membership (18-25 years old) $600 + GST$50 + GSTN/A

*Court fees are extra. All memberships are based on a 12-month commitment


Our court fees are based on the following fee structure: Court Rates

Court Rates

All rates are divided between the number of players. Singles bookings (two players) are 30 or 60 minutes; Doubles bookings (four players) are 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Play Times30 Min Member Rate60 Min Member Rate90 Min Member Rate120 Min Member RateNon-Member Rate

Weekday Prime Time:

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Weekend Prime Time:

7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

$15 + GST/court
$30 + GST/court
$45 + GST/court$60 + GST/courtCourt Fee + Guest Fee

Weekday Non-Prime Time:

7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Weekend Non-Prime Time:

4:00 PM - 10:00 PM

$12 + GST/court
$24 + GST/court
$36 + GST/court$48 + GST/courtCourt Fee + Guest Fee


Member RateNon-Member Rate

Applicable Court Fee + 

Ball Machine Rental Rate of $10 + GST/hour

Applicable Court Fee + Guest Fee +

Ball Machine Rental Rate of $10 + GST/hour


Member RateNon-Member Rate

Free With Membership

Free with Court Fee + Guest Fee


  1. Only year-round indoor tennis centre in Calgary
  2. Only tennis centre in Calgary not to charge initiation/entrance fees as part of our membership structure
  3. We provide 7-day advanced court booking 
  4. Membership includes FITNESS CENTRE access year-round at no additional charge
  5. Our tennis centre meets national and international standards for competition, offering state-of-the-art lighting and court technology. 
  6. Play as much or as little as possible, our low annual membership dues (or monthly payment option) provides great flexibility
  7. We are a warm, family-friendly tennis centre which prides itself on providing excellent customer service to its members and guests
  8. We offer numerous junior and adult programs and are the site of Tennis Canada National Junior Training Program
  9. We are a non-profit organization any surpluses generated by the Tennis Centre will be re-invested into Tennis Development